Portugal was elected the best tourist destination in the world

«Portugal won the World Travel Awards in the World Travel Awards, becoming the first European country to win this distinction by defeating competitors such as Brazil, Greece, Maldives, USA, Morocco, Vietnam or Spain.

The Secretary of State for Tourism points out that in Europe, "only the cities of London and Paris" have already won this prize, with Dubai being the destination that has been awarded the World Travel Awards (WTA) considered internationally as the "Oscars of Tourism".

In the WTA 2017 final - which took place in Phu Quoc, Vietnam - the city of Lisbon was also the winner by winning, for the first time, the award for Best Destination for' World Break', attributed "for its attractiveness and offer of excellence for short stays".

Portugal joined the list of 17 candidates for 'Best Tourist Destination in the World' in the final of the 2017 World Travel Awards after winning the 'Best European Destination' in September, having won first place in today's final with countries like Brazil, Greece, Maldives, USA, Morocco, Vietnam or Spain, among others.

Considering that it is a "unique moment for tourism in Portugal", the Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho, said that it is the "recognition of the work that has been developed over the years by all those who are in some way linked to tourism".

"It is an authentic, innovative country that has reinvented itself, which brings together a wide variety of experiences and landscapes, a country that combines cosmopolitanism, history, tradition, sun, nature and gastronomy. Who knows and likes to welcome everyone," said Ana Mendes Godinho.

Describing Portugal as "a tourist destination of excellence", the official says it is now necessary "to continue this work of showing all the diversity of what Portugal has to offer".

In addition to the prize for 'Best Tourist Destination in the World', Portugal also won the 'Best Official Tourism Organization of the World' awards, attributed to Turismo de Portugal, and 'Best Official Tourism Site', attributed to the official information about the country, 'visitportugal.com'.

Emphasizing that this is the first time "in ten years of history" that Turismo de Portugal is recognized "with global awards", the president of this organization, Luís Araújo, believes that seeing "the distinguished tourism strategy" gives "a motivation increased in the pursuit of the objectives until 2027, to affirm Portugal as a tourist destination of excellence."

Created in 1993, the World Travel Awards recognize the work developed in the area of ??the tourist industry at a global level, in order to stimulate the competitiveness and quality of tourism, and the selection of the nominees is carried out annually on a worldwide scale by the general public and for more of 200 thousand tourism professionals from 160 countries.

The nominees for the grand finale of the prize are the winners of the regional finals, joined by others nominated by the WTA itself.» In Agência Lusa.